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May 21, 2008



I love the pic with her fingers up her nose!!!!


Great pic's. I love the blueberry face and Bennett sleeping while having some tummy time. Okay and the one of B digging for gold. Reyna has been sticking her finger up her nose, too.

Hope you guys have a great weekend.


LOVE the pictures! Maren is also a noseminer . . . though I have never caught her with two fingers up there! And my kiddos love frozen blueberries as well - thank goodness, because I never remember to take them out of the freezer to thaw the night before!


Oh that one of tummy time, Just makes me want to gush.

Kristi S

Cute new pictures!
I noticed the spaces in between your photos...do you use Firefox? I have that same problem at times so I usually go into the html and delete the spaces to fix it


These are gorgeous photos - your children are beautiful! You look really good yourself.

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