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June 03, 2008


Kristin Rasmussen

That is the cutest picture. That is a keeper for when she brings home the boyfriends!!


i tried to leave a comment yesterday but typepad ate it!

this picture is AWESOME. break in out when she is 17 and she's gonna love you forever! :)


This is the funniest thing I have ever seen. I am still laughing. So, you are potty training???? Is she doing well? Got any tips for us?


Oh, my heck! That is the CUTEST picture EVER! I agree with Mary . . . just wait until she is older and sees it!


Ok, funny joke...this picture made me pee my pants (but not for real).


on that is WAY priceless!!


That is hilarious, but it reminds me I forgot to look at the potties at Target today.

Kristi S

Too funny! She reminds me of her dad...he used to fall asleep in weird positions too! LOL


OMG this is hilarious!
Wait until she sees this when she's older!

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