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June 05, 2008



ahh, change. it's a good thing usually.

i think the biggest change on my mind is either work or exercise/getting in shape. i am not happy with my job situation, but i'm hoping that if i give it time, things will improve. eh. as far as getting in shape, i have started walking every night i can, however i wish i had more time to devote to it. i would love to join the workout center in town, but i don't know where i would fit it in with my schedule! argh!

i hope you are successful with your changes!

Leslie Collins

Nope, I don't care for change!!!! :) But, what should I change???

~I should start excercising more often. I did take Reyna for a walk last night. I need to do it more often.

~I need to stop getting online so much in the am.

~I also need to make better use of my time. In the mornings, I don't get up and shower right away. Then, I find myself scrambling around because I was doing other stuff instead of doing what I was supposed to be doing.

Okay, I think that's about it. :)

Kristi S

I go through streaks with change. Sometimes I crave it, other times I back away from it, I think it depends on if the change will lead to happiness or not. I would like to change my impulsive decision-making and be able to see the bigger picture. I have been trying to change my spending habits and have been successful so far (although having no money means no spending!)
I also have a TFT today on neighbors....


Michelle, I am with you. I welcome the little changes.....hair, clothes, etc. etc. On the otherhand, I fear big change. Right now, I would LOVE to change my job. It scares me and makes me sick to my stomach to actually do something about it. I have an easy job. When it's time to go home I am able to leave it all at work. I have flexibility. I can call whoever, whenever I want. BUT, I hate what I do and my commute is miserable. The dropping off/picking up of Thomas is all on me. Some weeks it's tougher than others. My husband constantly tries to motivate me to look else where, closer to home, to make things easier on me. But I am afraid. I have never had an "official" job interview. I got my current job in college and have worked up the latter. I make a decent salary however, I probably could do a little better. The number one thing holding me back is my nerves. I'm nervous that future employers could see right through me that I haven't had an interview. I should be focusing on other things such as the skill that I have and the inteligence that I do have. I have a lot to offer. I just can't seem to get beyond the fact that I am nervous to pieces over having to go on interviews.

Sorry to fill up so much space on your comments but people from work often check my blog and I just can't let them know that I am *starting* to work on this change.

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